The National:

THE BBC felt it was necessary to send not one but two breaking news alerts about the royal family today, and it has left The Jouker wondering (again) where the broadcaster's priorities lie.

On the BBC News website as we speak, the top two stories are on King Charles being treated for a benign prostate condition and Kate Middleton – the Princess of Wales – being in hospital after successful abdominal surgery.

While The Jouker feels for anyone going through health challenges, one is curious as to why the health of royal family members is of such high interest when compared to the general population.

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The National: The BBC's approach to balance has been criticised

Stories further down the BBC website include Pakistan condemning a deadly Iranian missile strike which has killed two children.

The broadcaster also seems to feel the royals' hospital procedures are more important than freezing temperatures affecting people's everyday lives, or one of the most intense nights of air strikes in Gaza.

We understand King Charles and the Princess have roles in public life, but for the BBC News page to put their stories above many others that are going to have more of an impact on people's lives is quite jarring.