In papers released under the twenty year rule by the National Archives Office this week, it was revealed that in 2003 Tony Blair was considering a "nuclear option" of setting up a camp for asylum seekers on the isle of Mull.

They would be held until their claims were processed and they could be removed from the UK. In echoes of the Conservatives' dismal Rwanda scheme, the plan also envisaged  setting up a series of so called "safe havens" in third countries.

This is typical of the colonialist mindset Westminster politicians have when it comes to Scotland.

Scotland is far away and remote, out of sight and out of mind, a dumping ground for everything Westminster wants to keep far away from London and the Home Counties, from refugees to nuclear warheads. Then we are told to be grateful for the jobs such schemes create.

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The Labour government was also considering knowingly breaking international law to remove people from the UK despite them suffering a risk of persecution, a breach of Article Three of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The National: Sir Tony Blair (Steve Parsons/PA)

In a briefing paper, the prime minister’s chief of staff Jonathan Powell argued that asylum seekers should not have a hearing at all, saying: "Ideally we should not have an asylum hearing at all, simply a decision by an immigration officer to return someone followed by a one tier fast appeal against that decision if that is necessary."

He also argued that even though the UK would almost certainly lose the court case when the matter was brought before the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, this would likely take a couple of years, saying: "We would almost certainly lose this case when it got to Strasbourg. But we would have two to three years in the meantime when we could send a strong message into the system about our new tough stance."

He added: "And we would make clear that if we lost in Strasbourg we would denounce the ECHR and immediately re-ratify with a reservation on Article Three."

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It appears the Tories are far from alone in their desire to exempt the British state from international legal obligations on human rights.

There's British Governmental values for you.

"Messaging" is more important than human rights. The Labour party set in train the authoritarian and inhumane course the Conservatives are pursuing so enthusiastically today.

Some years ago, left-wing comedian Alexei Sayle had the measure of the Blairites, saying: "The left of the Labour party are nice, decent people and it was a privilege to meet them. The right of the Labour party are some of the most f***ing horrible people, vile, gruesome people. I've never met such horrible people as those on the right of the Labour party."

Under Keir Starmer, the right of Labour is very firmly in charge. Vile gruesome people are calling the shots. Meanwhile the equally vile and gruesome Tories are out of control, with their cruelty and corruption.

Every day with this government is another exercise in the destruction of human decency, truth and accountability.

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Although these papers relate to discussions which took place twenty years ago, they are very relevant to the current state of British politics.

The SNP's Joanna Cherry has asked if Starmer will disown Powell's plans.

However, Starmer's Labour party has already signalled that it is looking at an asylum seeker and refugees policy which is not dissimilar from that mooted by Blair's advisor twenty years ago.

Earlier this week, BBC reported that Starmer is considering processing some asylum claims overseas. Starmer's shadow Home Office team have reportedly been seeking advice from former Home Secretary David Blunkett (below) on drawing up an alternative proposal to tackle small boats crossings in the Channel.

The National: Tony Blair and David Blunkett

Blunkett was Home Secretary under Blair from 2001 to 2004. Blunkett was a right-wing Home Secretary, even by the standards of the right-wing of the Labour party, He described civil liberties as "airy-fairy" and repeatedly expressed the intention to make the previous Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, who was often criticised for being right-wing, appear liberal.

In 2006, Martin Narey, the former director general of the prison service, claimed that Blunkett had once told him to use the army and machine guns to deal with rioting prisoners. Blunkett denied these allegations.

Under the plan drawn up with input from Blunkett, asylum claims would be processed overseas, with successful applicants allowed to come to the UK.

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The BBC has received over 150 complaints of bias over its softball handling of the allegations surrounding former Scottish Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her husband Doug Barrowman.

Mone and her husband appeared on the BBC's flagship Sunday politics show on December 17, during which they were able to claim they had been made "scapegoats" for the UK Government's wider failings over PPE supply in the pandemic.

The BBC has confirmed it has received 168 complaints about the interview, most of which alleged that the BBC was biased in favour of the notoriously litigious couple.

Certainly the BBC's handling of the story stands in very marked contrast to how it handled the allegations levelled against former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell.

This is the last newsletter of 2023.

In 2024 we have a whole new year of British political dysfunction and BBC bias to look forward to.  There will be a Westminster general election and this loathsome Tory government will be turfed out and replaced by a Labour government under Keir Starmer which will quickly reveal itself to be just as Tory and just as loathsome.

Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.