A SCOTTISH firm has been invited to COP28 to exhibit its environmentally friendly product which it says has helped save 89 million litres of water.

Loch Electronics, based in Edinburgh, has created Capsule – a small dishwasher created to fit into the lifestyle of small households and offices.

The firm says the product (below) helps cut the consumption of water and energy compared to manual washing by seven times and four times respectively and can save households £230 annually.

The National:

Speaking to The National, the firm’s managing director Francisco Carreno said: “Around the world, there’s lots of companies talking about energy whether it’s solar or wind, talking about transportation or various ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

“But with this company we wanted to really focus on our day-to-day lives, on consumers and our lifestyle from when we wake up to when we go to sleep. That’s where we feel we can contribute.”

Now, the company has been invited by both the British Embassy and Heriot-Watt University to exhibit the capsule dishwasher at COP28.

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The company believes it can make a real difference because, as commercial director Hang Xu points out, “every drop of water counts”.

According to research from CECED – which calls itself the “voice of the home appliance industry in Europe” – if every EU household had a dishwasher, the estimated savings would be around 2.5 million Olympic-size swimming pools every year.

Speaking about the Capsule product specifically, Xu explained: “It would probably suit a household of one or two people, especially in big cities where kitchens are smaller.

“I think in general people want to live an environmental lifestyle but they get frustrated by the lack of tools that is sometimes available to them.

“Ultimately if you want to be environmentally friendly then you need to compromise in some way and every drop of water counts.”

COP28 gets underway on November 30 with First Minister Humza Yousaf (below) attending the climate conference. 

The National: Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf will speak at the event in Edinburgh (Jane Barlow/PA)

The Scottish Greens have already called on world leaders to “stop talking and start doing” to tackle the climate crisis.

Although the situation is undoubtedly serious, Loch Electronics says it remains optimistic that solutions can be found.

“I think we have to be optimistic. As a company, we couldn’t do anything if we weren’t and we feel we’re doing what we can,” Carreno said.

“This company will grow and we want people to hear more about us as that happens. We don’t know what COP28 could bring, who we might meet or the connections we might make so we’re really excited.”