YOUNG Scots for Independence (YSI) has a long history in the SNP. We’ve had many familiar faces pass through our ranks; MP’s, MSP’s, cabinet ministers, and even two First Ministers.

YSI is here to ensure that the voices of young members in the SNP are heard; that we push the party to go further on issues where it may have otherwise hesitated; and of course to promote the positive message of Scottish Independence to Scotland’s young people.

My name’s Steven Campbell (He/Him). I’m an SNP member, proud NHS worker, aviation geek, and I now find myself with the absolute honour – with all the excitement and that bit of nervousness that comes with it – of being recently elected as the next National Convener of the YSI, the youth wing of the SNP.

Over the last few years, we’ve had resolutions and debates at YSI conferences on areas such as NATO, period poverty, sexual violence, assisted dying, women’s reproductive rights, drug decriminalisation, and various aspects of mental health.

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Sometimes I wish that these debates could be seen by people outside the YSI, as I’ve always been struck by the maturity and high-quality nature of them. It reassures me that the future of our party is in good hands.

The new YSI national executive committee (NEC) are excited for the year ahead. We’re keen to work with candidates and branches ahead of the next UK election; as such, we’re hoping to commence a branch tour, sharing the work of the YSI with SNP members across the country, and have discussions on the what the YSI can do to help branches, and indeed what they can do to help us.

We will continue to champion the socially progressive work of the SNP, which has hugely positive impacts on young people throughout Scotland; the Scottish child payment, free university tuition, free bus travel for under 22’s, to name a few.

I also pledge that the YSI will continue to protect and push for the advancement of LGBT+ rights, especially those of our trans and non-binary communities. We have always strived to ensure that equality is a core part of our independence messaging.

After all, what is the point of independence if not to build a fairer, more equal Scotland for everybody who lives here?

The National:

Finally - and perhaps most importantly - I want to ensure that everyone who chooses to get involved with the YSI has a fun experience.

We do a lot of important work, but when I reflect on my time in the YSI, I primarily think of all the places I’ve been to (such as Shetland, Brussels, Stockholm, and Germany), the events we’ve had (especially conference karaoke!), but mostly the people I’ve met - the friends I’ve made that I now couldn’t imagine my life without.

To anyone in the SNP under 30 - please do come and get involved with us! You should be receiving our emails, but you can also keep up with our Twitter/X page @YSINational. Please do get in touch if you have any questions - our door is always open.

Getting involved with the YSI is something I’m so glad I did. I never thought I’d end up leading the whole organisation, but with the great team around me, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.