The National:

THE Tory party press office have taken a strange tact with Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle this morning - with the use of some cringey emojis.

While appointing an unelected former prime minister as Foreign Secretary - and giving him a seat in the House of Lords - might be seen as a serious infringement on democracy, Tory press officers welcomed the announcement with a fire emoji.

“He’s back,” the Conservatives Twitter/X account celebrated, with an added clapping emoji.

And for James Cleverly, who took over from disgraced Suella Braverman, being appointed Home Secretary, the Tory press office welcomed the appointment as if it was a Premier League transfer announcement.

“Huge move,” they said, with a strong arm emoji added.

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The post announcing that a reshuffle was set to begin earlier on Monday morning, was also a little bit too keen, with the post stating: “HERE WE GO”.

When Richard Holden was announced as Tory party chairman, the Twitter/X account used a rocket emoji, and also described the appointment as an "exclusive". 

Vicky Atkins appointment as Health Secretary was welcomed with a red alert emoji and the phrase "here we go", while Laura Trott's position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury came with the caveat "agreement reached", as if Rishi Sunak was having to bargain with junior ministers to take on Government roles. 

And the cringey use of emojis did not go unnoticed on social media.

“Not sure the fire emoji is the best look, given global events,” one user wrote under the post announcing Cameron’s return to Government.

Another said: “I know this isn’t the most important thing. But, for the love of God, someone tell the 22-year-old running the Tory’s social media account to stop announcing the great offices of state by emoji.”

The National:

Writer James Felton added: “Calm down. You're announcing the man who created a lot of this mess is about to be trusted with the foreign office, not trailing the return of Iron Man.”

Another added: “Jesus Christ you’re the government not the Sugababes.”

“Why are they announcing it like Love Island did when Adam Collard returned,” asked one user.

Another said simply: ”It would be nice if political parties didn’t tweet like a football club signing an old player on loan.”

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On Cleverly’s appointment, and the strong-arm emoji, one user joked: “Wow, Tories really making moves this transfer window. Those Russian owners really putting up the cash!”

Another added: “Why they tweeting like a Premier League football team on transfer day?”

Meanwhile, another said: “Conservative digital strategy is cheapening government. This is the government appointing a new Home Secretary, not Bristol City signing emergency cover at centre back.”

The Conservative’s Twitter/X account was conspicuously quieter after the reaction to the first few appointments, hopefully, they’ll learn to use emojis properly in the future.

But what do you expect from a party that struggles to run a country, never mind a social media account?