THE Scottish Greens are set to hold their party conference in Dunfermline this weekend - with a number of topical issues on the agenda.

Co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater join The National's podcast to discuss what key issues delegates will be debating at the event, as well as give their view on the council tax freeze announced by the First Minister.

We told how Harvie admitted that the announcement was "not handled well", with members set to debate an emergency motion from Greens councillors urging their MSPs to oppose the freeze.

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And, the leaders give their views on the current independence strategy and focus on the next General Election, as well as reflecting on the Bute House Agreement.

Elsewhere, our political reporters Abbi Garton-Crosbie and Steph Brawn dig into the council tax freeze announcement and the backlash that followed, as well as a row over WhatsApp messages that were reportedly not handed over to the UK Covid inquiry by the Scottish Government.

Reporter Adam Robertson joins this week to give his perspective on what it's like to work from the Scottish Parliament for the first time, and how much of a squeeze press huddles with the First Minister post-FMQs can be, as the team analyses the key stories coming out of Holyrood.

You can listen to Episode 7 from Season 2 on The National's website below, Spotify and the Omny streaming platform.