THE SNP's conference in Aberdeen set the party's independence strategy ahead of the next General Election.

With a last-minute change to the First Minister's motion setting out that the party would need to win a majority of seats, rather than most, at the next UK-wide ballot to trigger independence negotiations, what did senior politicians have to say after the crucial vote by delegates?

Our political team takes you behind the scenes to hear from SNP Westminster group leader Stephen Flynn, Minister for Independence Jamie Hepburn and other politicians over the three-day event.

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And, we spoke to delegates about the mood and feel of the conference, the first time members have met for a conference since Humza Yousaf took over as leader.

Listen to the key parts of the FM's speech, Nadia el Nakla's much-lauded address to the conference on the conflict unfolding in Gaza, and inside the huddle with former first minister Nicola Sturgeon

You can listen to Episode 6: Behind the scenes at the SNP conference below, on Spotify and the Omny streaming platform.