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COMPARISONS between Labour head honcho Keir Starmer and Tony Blair are stacking up almost on a daily basis. I wonder why?

On Wednesday, Mhairi Black said the Blairites are “well and truly back in charge” of Labour after Tony Blair praised Keir Starmer for “rescuing” the party.

Black also said Starmer should be “mortified” to receive endorsement from the ex-PM but that he had actually been seeking it from “day one of his leadership”.

The National: Mhairi Black

Blair told the Financial Times that Starmer had shown “agility and determination” in remodelling the party. He added that he had saved Labour “from the brink of extinction” after Jeremy Corbyn.

He also mocked those who have been suggesting Starmer is a Blairite ...

Black (above) said: “This is an endorsement Keir Starmer should be mortified to receive, but the truth is it’s one he’s sought from day one of his leadership.

"Blair, whose legacy is that of the Iraq war and a shift to the right, is not someone whose endorsement should be chased or happily received.

“If it wasn’t already apparent from their staunch support of austerity and Tory-replica policies, it’s clear the Blairites are well and truly back in charge of the Labour Party."

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In other news, union boss Sharon Graham also accused Starmer's party of being a “90s tribute act” on Sunday.

Writing in The Times this weekend, the United general secretary argued that under Starmer, Labour are "unwilling to give Britain the reboot it needs".

Referencing a string of recent U-turns from the party, including on workers rights and a previously promised wealth tax, she wrote: "Through its actions Labour is beginning to tell us whose side it is really on."

Responding to these comments, Starmer told reporters at an east London school: “The Labour Party is absolutely focused on the future, not the past, and the challenges that we will inherit if we’re privileged enough to go into government."