The National:

SUELLA Braverman has said that police have the resources to meet a pledge to follow all “reasonable lines of inquiry” to crack down on crime.

Yes – if you were wondering – that also includes if your house “gets stolen”, according to the Home Secretary.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 on Monday morning, Braverman said: “The police are committing to every reasonable line of inquiry…whether your phone is stolen, watch is stolen, car is stolen, bike has been stolen."

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She added: “Whether your house has been stolen, whether you’ve been mugged – no longer must those crimes be dismissed.”

After 13 years in power, it’s reassuring to know that the Tories are finally taking serious crimes like house theft seriously.

“@SuellaBraverman can you please help..? I woke up this morning and someone had nicked my house,” tweeted Roddy Millar.

Dr. Kevin Breslin joked: “They’re getting away.”

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper took a more serious line after Braverman’s comments. She said: “This is a staggering admission of 13 years of Tory failure on policing and crime.

“Pursuing reasonable leads like CCTV is what the police should be doing, but – because of abysmal Tory management – over 90% of crimes go unsolved, the proportion of crimes prosecuted has dropped by more than two-thirds and more criminals are getting off.”