The National:

ANDREW Neil loves to see the best in Donald Trump.

The man behind the Spectator and key figure in setting up GB News famously once said he’d seen more people at a St Mirren game than at the January 6 insurrection, downplaying the shocking scenes from Trump supporters at the US Capitol buildings.

But Neil’s latest intervention in Trump’s never-ending presidential campaign could be even more bizarre than that.

This time the journalist has said the historic mugshot, taken in Atlanta overnight, looks like … a “GQ photoshoot”.

“Well, that Trump mugshot can’t be what his enemies hoped for. Looks more like a pic from GQ photoshoot than from basement of Fulton County courthouse. He’ll use it as campaign illustration. Does he have friends in Georgia law enforcement?”

We think it would be pretty hard to see it as a flattering picture unless you already felt somewhat positively towards the disgraced former president.

“Please,” wrote one Twitter user.

“He looks like a peevishly resentful child whose parents have just stopped him dismembering insects.”

The National: Donald Trump's historic mugshot

“GQ's standards are slipping,” added another.

“I sometimes wonder what planet you're on. He looks like a Disney villain. But I guess you see what you want to see,” said Scottish Greens member John Stubbs.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.