The National:

BROADCASTER Jeremy Vine has suggested firing people who talk about Scottish independence at work.

During a segment on his Channel 5 show, Vine and his guests were discussing politics at work and what is and isn’t appropriate to discuss.

As an example, he referred to Scottish independence which he said is a “divisive” subject.

Not content with just telling employees to perhaps keep the politics chat quiet for a few hours, Vine instead thought a more extreme approach was required. 

He said: “An example of it would be where I think if you’re a boss you might object is if you were in Scotland and you’ve got somebody who wants to talk about Scottish independence and we know that’s very divisive.

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“That’s going to really set the cat among the pigeons and so you might want to take them on one side and say look for or against doesn’t matter just put a sock in it when you’re working here or you’re fired.

“Just something gentle like that.”

Many people on Reddit took to the comments section to debate Vine’s suggestion with one joking: “Is this the new way to save the Union?”

Another even suggested that firing people for discussing politics is perhaps “illegal” while someone else said they had worked in offices where any discussion of politics was banned.

The full clip can be viewed HERE