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AN “out-of-control” Rishi Sunak clashed with the BBC’s Martin Geissler over his use of a private jet during his interview on Good Morning Scotland.

Things got off to a rocky start when the host explained that the BBC only had five minutes to chat with the PM.

Sunak said that it was a “strange way to start the interview” before the pair went onto discuss the hundreds of new oil and gas licences that are to be granted in the UK.

The PM is due to fly up to Scotland for a visit today. Geissler asked Sunak if he would be arriving via private jet.

“I’ll be flying as I normally would and that is the most efficient use of my time”, Sunak said.

He continued: “But again I think actually that question brings to life a great debate here. If you or others think that the answer to climate change is getting people to ban everything that they’re doing, to stop people flying, to stop people going on holiday, I think that’s absolutely the wrong approach.”

Geissler replied that it was a “do as I say not as I do” approach but Sunak continued to insist he had the wrong idea as he defended his use of a private jet.

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At no point did the BBC host claim he wanted to ban holidays but that didn’t stop Sunak from suggesting as much.

“If your approach to climate change is to say no one should go on holiday, no one should get on a plane, I think you are completely and utterly wrong”, he said.

Sunak added: “What we are doing is investing in sustainable aviation fuel as one of the new technologies like carbon capture and storage.

“It’s not about banning flying; it’s about investing in new technologies like sustainable aviation fuel that will make flying more sustainable.”

Desperate to get off, Sunak then said, “bye bye” as Geissler tried to confirm when he would next appear on the show.

The PM said: “I think this is the second time I’ve been on your show in the short space of time I’ve been Prime Minister but I’m sure I’ll be there again in the future.”

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Many took to Twitter to react to the bizarre interaction between the pair with one user describing the PM as “out of control”.

Another said the PM did “not come across his best” while a third added that the interview was a “car crash”.