The National:

STEPHEN Flynn has hilariously taken aim at Jackie Baillie’s comments that Scottish Labour hold “considerable influence” over the party at UK level.

In an interview with Good Morning Scotland, widely panned as a “car crash” by social media users, the Scottish Labour deputy leader was grilled on Keir Starmer’s U-turn regarding the two-child benefit cap.

Baillie both insisted that she wanted the Tory policy scrapped, and backed her boss's decision not to scrap it ...

She then told the BBC: “We have considerable influence in the Labour Party in the UK. We’ve got a clear policy position on this issue.

“We’ve had discussions with them since, we will continue to have discussion with colleagues in the UK.”

In response, the SNP’s leader in Westminster tweeted: “Aye, and I brush my hair every morning.”

Many on social media were delighted with the comment with many putting laughing emojis.

“Belter” said another while somebody else described the tweet as a “classic”.

“I love your style” commented one Twitter user. “Best response ever”, said another.

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Baillie’s interviews this morning was panned by several figures within the SNP, including Keith Brown and Pete Wishart.

The Labour MSP took aim at the SNP for not doing enough to reduce levels of child poverty in an interview which Wishart said would “embarrass a motorway pile up”.