ON MAY 13 2021 the people of Glasgow united to resist the detention of two people by  immigration officers by saying "these are our neighbours, let them go".

This act of solidarity indicated the resistance towards the anti-migration policies created by then Priti Patel. The practice of detention was being reintroduced. However, the people of Glasgow, Scotland refused to take part in such an action.

As members of the community, we united to say such acts should not take place, not in Glasgow, not across the country.

Two years on, we have the Nationality and Borders Act (NABA) passed in June 2022. With NABA, offshore processing has been introduced with agreements made with Rwanda. When we thought such action was a direct violation to the Refugee Convention, now, the Illegal Migration Bill is being debated in Westminster.

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This new anti-refugee bill will be a direct violation to international protection by ending the right to seek asylum for anyone who is in search of sanctuary. Condemned by many human rights organisations, including the UNHCR, the anti-refugee bill will create further pathways to human trafficking, as well as creating "community detentions" across the country.

Currently, people are being placed into hotel accommodations and military barracks across the country into isolated communities. Such practice without any preparation of the local community and information shared in advanced is unfortunately creating increase in racist narratives. Placing people in hotel accommodations in isolated communities is not the solution.

The private sector, including hotels, are making profit from such agreements from the Home Office.

The funding is being invested for hotels, and while such profit is being made, people seeking asylum are left to survive on £9 a week. Not having the right to work, people are then made dependent on charities or the local community to have their basic needs.

The process of hotel accommodation is highlighted to be a temporary practice, however in some cases people have been staying in a hotel more than 1 year then to be removed from one hotel into another.


Being placed in a rural area, not knowing the language, not knowing your rights, not knowing what the future holds, the practice of hotel accommodation blocks the process of local engagement and integration.

People seeking asylum and refuge are isolated in areas without any support, and unfortunately experience direct racism and discrimination by the far-right. The process of "unwelcoming" is then created.

Language used by Suella Braverman, and others creates a platform of unleashing the hatred and myths towards people who are placed in hotel accommodations. Then we see solidarity by the local community members, who fulfil and create welcoming spaces, which is failed to be implemented by the Home Office.

The National: Language used by Suella Braverman unleashes hatred towards people in hotel accommodationLanguage used by Suella Braverman unleashes hatred towards people in hotel accommodation (Image: Leon Neal/PA)


Now, the anti-refugee bill must be stopped. To protect the basic right of seeking asylum and refuge, we must all oppose the inhumane bill. This bill concerns and effects everyone.

If we do not want to be part of an inhumane process of unwelcoming and violation of human rights, we must all stand up, unite and oppose the anti-refugee bill. With the spirit of solidarity, unity and welcoming, we need to Kenmure the anti-refugee bill.

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Understanding one another, removing the fear of ‘others’, creating spaces of dialogue and seeing one another as a fellow human being is the key. The language of hatred is not in our name.

The language of peace, welcoming and solidarity is what we want. After all, the Home Office and the hotels are profiting from people's movement and the need for safety. They are profiting and creating a business model by redirecting negative narratives towards those who are in search of safety.