The National:

AS a former leader of Scottish Labour - who lost the party 40 Westminster seats - Jim Murphy is probably used to being described as "desperate".

But this week Murphy couldn't resist wading into the discussion around former first minister Nicola Sturgeon's home being searched as part of the probe into the SNP's finances. 

Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell was arrested, but later released without charge, and the former Scottish Labour MSP couldn't resist putting the boot in on day two of the police search.

While other commentators pointed out the sprawling police presence, Murphy instead decided to draw a comparison between how Sturgeon spent her day compared to the former prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

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Ardern had given a resignation speech on Wednesday morning to the New Zealand Parliament, which Murphy shared a clip of alongside a photograph of police officers stationed outside of the Murrell-Sturgeon residence.

He wrote: "For years Nicola Sturgeon claimed to model herself on New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern.

"Here’s how each of them spent Wednesday the 5th April 2023.

"Quite a contrast."

As many quickly pointed out Sturgeon became FM in 2014, while Ardern was not elected until 2017.

SNP MSP Siobhian Brown was quick to blast Murphy's comments.

She said: "So Nicola Sturgeon modelled herself on Jacinda? That’s incredible… seeing NS was FM in 2014 and JA elected as PM in 2017 ?!!

"Desperate stuff indeed."

Deacon Blue singer Ricky Ross also weighed in, writing: "I liked Jim Murphy when I met him post-referendum.

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"He was generous and kind in victory. But this? Really Jim?"

Elsewhere, one social media user wrote: "A new low for you, Jim. Who knew that was possible."

Another added: "This is your latest in an impressive collection of bad looks."

While one said: "What an utterly pathetic tweet. I’m not even an SNP man. Desperate."

Others accused Murphy of "misogyny" and "ignorance" for posting the comparison.

Perhaps the former Labour politician should remember that sometimes it's best not to say anything at all.