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Invites have been sent out for one of the biggest Yes group events

All groups that are affiliated to Believe in Scotland have been emailed this week to register four delegates for their online congress on February 18. The National Yes Network has also emailed unaffiliated groups, so all active Yes groups get a chance to register.

Organisers Believe in Scotland say this is where grassroots Yes campaigners will get their say on the path to independence.

There will be leadership figures from each of the three main pro-independence parties giving exclusive interviews and we have it on good authority that this free online congress should lead to a larger hybrid (online/physical) congress later in the year…

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But is that all? Are exclusive interviews all we can realistically expect from the parties as a contribution to grassroots conversations? Hard-fought for interviews at that.


The National: Volunteers are out most weekends on their own timeVolunteers are out most weekends on their own time (Image: NQ)

There’s a rising level of frustration (or fatigue) with the SNP and Greens when it comes to the speed that representatives and party leaders are taking to get behind the efforts of grassroots.

The last few months have seen a slow trickle of sound bites, social media shares, support in person or even on stage at events, and now conferences that volunteers have worked to organise.

It comes back to the case that the SNP are failing to balance wearing their professional government hat with their passionate independence hat, the latter of which some haven’t seen them wear in a very long time.

Maybe it's lost in the wardrobe and a good look or a clear-out will find it? Or maybe they want to keep it clean and pristine for the right occasion? Or maybe they’ve grown out of it?

More Mobilisation?

The National has been told that after “a wide-ranging discussion" between 30 independence representatives in January, Yes groups came to an agreement there was "a need for a new or revamped national organisation”.

The groups plan to meet again on February 16 to agree on initial priorities and organisational arrangements...

More to come on that in the weeks ahead – but one thing is for sure, grassroots aren’t slowing down or pausing any efforts.

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