ANOTHER day, another prime minister, more chaos, more confusion, and a discredited and broken Conservative Party that will choose the next occupant of No 10. The Tories are telling us that it's once in a generation for Scotland, but the shelf life of a tub of yoghurt for them.

However, no matter who wins what passes for a beauty contest amongst the parliamentary Conservative Party, it is unlikely that they will be able to heal the bitter divisions within the party. Currently, the Tories are doing a very good impression of a wedding reception where the best man has just announced that the night before the wedding he slept with the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom, and the priest.

The current front-runner is the chancellor before the chancellor before the chancellor before the chancellor before the current one, Rish! Sunak, who has resuscitated his exclamation mark in a vain attempt to make himself seem exciting. If Sunak manages to win, he will face a party in which he has almost as many enemies as friends and the same right-wing faction which plotted Theresa May's downfall would spend the next two years undermining him.

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Another early favourite, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, has announced he will not be standing and has given his backing to the other leading contender, Boris Johnson.

What we could really be looking at here is, and I can't believe this is actually happening, is a return of the bloviating bin fire himself, Boris Johnson. According to Beth Rigby of Sky News, Johnson and his supporters are confident that he can reach the threshold of 100 MP nominations in order to proceed, and if he manages to get through to the membership voting round he is almost certain to win. Then we will be right back where we started with a lying, corrupt scandal magnet in charge, the man whose manifest unsuitability for office caused all this chaos in the first place. Just like Sunak, Johnson has many enemies within the party, and his return to power would do nothing to deliver the stability that we all need.

Today the influential swivel-eyed Brextremist wing of the Tory party, the European Research Group announced that if their preferred candidates, Suella Braverman or Kemi Badenoch, fail to get sufficient support from MPs, they will swing behind Johnson. This makes a return to power for Johnson much more likely, proves that the Conservative Party has learned absolutely nothing and confirms the moral and political bankruptcy of the Westminster system.

Johnson is still to face the judgement of the Parliamentary Standards Committee which is investigating whether he lied to Parliament - spoiler alert - he did. Johnson could win the leadership and find himself suspended from Parliament, which would make the UK's descent into farce complete. Johnson would be the worst prime minister since Liz Truss, who was the worst Prime Minister since Boris Johnson. But this is where we are now.

It would also put Douglas Ross and Andrew Bowie in an impossible position, having to back a leader whose resignation they were demanding just a few weeks ago.

As someone who pays attention to the world's media, especially the Spanish and Portuguese press, I can confirm that the rest of the world is paying attention to what is going on in the UK, in the exact same way that people enjoy watching compilation videos on YouTube of drunk people walking into lamp posts and falling over. Right now there is a joke circulating on Spanish social media - si os llama un número desconocido del Reino Unido, no lo cojáis, quieren ofreceros el puesto de Primer Ministro - If an unknown number calls you from the United Kingdom, don't hang up - they want to offer you the post of prime minister, meanwhile in Portugal they are summing up Truss's time in office as Assume o posto, mata a rainha, quebra o Reino Unido e vai embora. Take up the post, kill the queen, break the United Kingdom, and leave.

So much for those broad shoulders of the UK, Britain is a laughingstock, an international joke. How can Better Together supporters from 2014 possibly still maintain that there is no political case for independence. The Conservatives have trashed the Westminster system. It cannot be fixed and even though Labour are currently riding high in the polls in the UK, Labour has no plans to fix the House of Commons, the epicentre of British political malaise. The sickness that ails the British political system is terminal, there is no cure, Scotland can only save itself by leaving.