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TORY leadership contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are set to land in Perth on Tuesday night for the one and only hustings to take place in Scotland and that means one thing – journalists are out doing vox pops.

ITV sent one of their journalists out to Paisley, where Truss briefly attended school, to gauge the feelings towards the Foreign Secretary before her visit to Scotland.

It’ll be no surprise to many people north of the Border that the Tories aren’t a firm favourite in the town.

The party has just five councillors out of the 43 at Renfrewshire council (which covers Paisley), and the Scottish Parliament’s Paisley constituency, as well as the UK Parliament's two Paisley constituencies, have never elected a Tory.

Despite this, Truss has said her Paisley up-bringing would make her the perfect candidate to take on Nicola Sturgeon.

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It appears her former town doesn't agree.

One man's hilarious reaction on ITV showed exactly that, proving Scots aren't in the mood for another chaotic Conservative government.

After being shared online and wracking up more than 200,000 views on Twitter, the clip was one of the many examples of the Tories being rejected by Scotland.

In the video, the Scot is asked by a Good Morning Britain journalist if he knows who Liz Truss is.

He responded, “Yeah, she went to that school there,” as he looked to West Primary School.

After that, his message was clear and simple as he pointed to the camera and said: “Don’t vote for her."

Unfortunately for Scots, both Truss and Sunak have ruled out holding a general election to give the entire UK population a vote on who should become the prime minister, rather than the 1% of the Union that are Tory members.

To be fair, Scotland is used to not having its voice heard.

Truss's journey north of the Border comes after she vowed to ignore Scotland’s democratically elected First Minister, labelling her an “attention seeker”.

Perhaps, a response not so fitting for a woman promising to carry on Boris Johnson's title of "Minister for the Union".

Although, considering the damage he has done to relations with devolved governments, maybe it is fitting.

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And what does the frontrunner to be the next PM offer Scotland during a cost of living crisis before she lands in Perth? Parliamentary privilege for MSPs and a pledge to “hold [Scotland's] devolved administration to account”.

Is it any wonder then that support for independence is likely to rise if Truss wins?

If only she cared about Scotland as much as she cares about cheese imports.