The National:

BORIS Johnson and wife Carrie are planning a swanky wedding anniversary party at Chequers in the coming weeks – which may be a problem if he’s forced to resign with immediate effect.

Many opposition figures and Tories have been in uproar on Thursday morning following the news that the Prime Minister has agreed to step down, but plans on sticking it out as party leader until a replacement is elected by October.

That news has gone down like a bucket of cold sick, with Ruth Davidson (who conveniently took a peerage from Johnson) arguing there’s “no way” he can see it through for several more months.

“It’s arrant nonsense to think he can,” she tweeted. “Someone needs to get a grip.”

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Boris Johnson’s former adviser Dominic Cummings also wrote on Twitter: “Evict TODAY or he’ll cause CARNAGE, even now he’s playing for time & will try to stay.

“No ‘dignity’, no ‘interim while leadership contest’.

“Raab [should] be interim PM by evening.”

Johnson’s determination to stay in Number 10 may well be explained by a diary piece from the Evening Standard, published just last week.

“Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie are planning a champagne-soaked soirée at Chequers to celebrate their first wedding anniversary,” the writer says they’ve heard.

They noted that because of Covid restrictions, the couple had to limit their wedding guests to just 30 people – and a Number 10 spokesperson vowed they would “celebrate their wedding with family and friends next summer”.

The National:

According to the newspaper: “Now the Johnsons have sent invitations to the party which will be in the coming weeks.”

The Sun reports the event will be held on July 30.

One source said: "It beggars belief that even after all the criticism Johnson has faced regarding integrity and probity, one of the reasons he is staying is to have his wedding party at Chequers. The Johnsons should do the decent thing and find a different venue."

Meanwhile an ally of Johnson told The Mirror: "The PM has a strong sense of duty and will continue to serve his country until a new leader is in place solely to continue his obligation to the public."

But it's hard to hold a swanky event at the Prime Minister’s official country residence if you’re not Prime Minister …