The National:

TORY MSP Sharon Dowey has submitted a series of bizarre motions praising her own party’s international aid efforts.

Seemingly forgetting about the recent policies put forth by Priti Patel, the MSP claimed the Tories were helping to improve poverty and inequality in countries like Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia.

There’s a few jaw-dropping things to be said about such a statement - not least the fact that the UK Government substantially cut its international development funding of target of 0.7% of Gross National Income to 0.5% last year.

What a boost it must be to these countries knowing they’re getting a level of funding which is below the UN target for European Countries.

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Oh, and we mustn’t forget they’ve also cut jobs in the Department for International Development Jobs in Scotland.  

SNP MP Colette Stevenson commented on the proposals, saying: “The hypocrisy from the Tories just keeps coming – this time their MSPs appear to be choosing to shower the Westminster government in unearned compliments whilst ignoring the devastating Tory cuts to international development funding.”

It can’t be often a government who seemingly cares so much about international aid is prevented from putting through a policy by the European Court of Human Rights.

Stevenson added: “I’m glad that, in stark contrast to Westminster, the Scottish Government has increased its international development budget by 50% so we can build a more just and equitable global future for all.

It’s truly incredible that Dowey can laud the achievements of the Westminster Government after Priti Patel recently tried to put refugees on a one-way flight to Rwanda. Then again, Tory hypocrisy is hardly anything new is it?