YET another of the key commitments of 2014's Better Together campaign has bitten the dust, although given the way in which all their other promises have turned out to be hollow, it's not like we should be surprised.

We were told by the then Labour MP Jim Murphy that if Scotland voted for independence then the HMRC tax office in Cumbernauld would close, losing thousands of jobs for the town. Along with Anas Sarwar, the man who is now the branch manager of the Labour party's much diminished Scottish franchise operation, Murphy asserted: "1400 jobs at HMRC in Cumbernauld are dependent on us staying in the UK."

Fast forward a few years and in a Scotland which is still a part of the UK we have learned that the Cumbernauld tax office is to close down for good, taking 1300 jobs with it. It is entirely likely that had Scotland voted for independence in 2014 a significant number of those jobs would have been safe as an independent Scotland would still need civil servants to administer and collect its taxes. The Scottish Government of the day had promised that in the event of a yes vote that there would be no compulsory redundancies, and that similar roles would be found for those workers post-independence in Revenue Scotland.

Better Together responded to this promise, dismissing it as a "glib … vague assurance" that it said was not good enough. It turns out now that it was Better Together's promise that the only way to save the tax office workers' jobs that was the glib and vague assurance that was not good enough. Not like we can expect Jim Murphy or Anas Sarwar to apologise for getting it so catastrophically wrong.

The office complex in Cumbernauld is to be demolished and planning permission has been granted by North Lanarkshire council , a minority Labour administration propped up by the Tories, for 160 houses to be built on the site. So in Cumbernauld, the Conservative Government in Westminster, which took the decision to close one of the largest tax offices in the UK hasn't been levelling up so much as levelling to the ground.

Local MP Stuart Mcdonald of the SNP complained that the British Government had ignored representations from the PCS union to keep the office open, saying: "Local PCS union members are to be commended on their campaign to keep the office in Cumbernauld, and I’m proud to have supported and worked closely with them. We won the arguments, but Westminster just did not listen."

John Millar, the chair of the local union branch also complained that no meaningful support for the workers' campaign was forthcoming from the Labour-controlled North Lanarkshire council, saying that the Labour party paid only lip service to the union campaign.

Yet again Scotland has been shafted by the Conservatives and Labour has done nothing to help, and yet again we see that neither of the two main UK parties is prepared to stand up for Scotland's interests within the UK.

We are now at the point where you'd struggle to find any of Better Together's promises and commitments to Scotland which has actually been kept. Scotland has every right to another independence referendum even if it's just to ensure that the UK parties are held to account for their broken promises and lies.

The main reason they are so terrified of another referendum is because they know that they have completely blown their own credibility. Any promises that they make in the next referendum can be countered by replying: "But you said that the last time and it turned out to be a lie."

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