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AS the Tory government presses ahead with yet another example of plastering the Union flag across a new project, we're taking a look at more examples of Boris Johnson's administration.

The proposed new logo for Great British Railways (GBR) has a distinct likeness with the flag of the United Kingdom. GBR is a creation of Johnson's government that will replace Network Rail and take on more responsibilities.

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Other colour schemes are available folks.

It has been just over two years of the current Tory administration, but they've gone overboard with their obsession with the Union flag.

Plastering the flag of the UK (or a representation of it) across big projects has been one abiding theme of this Tory government, so here's a rundown of one of the most flag-obsessed administrations in history.

Ministers compete for 'Biggest Sook' during broadcast interviews

Before the coronavirus pandemic came along, a government minister would be expected to make their way into a TV studio for a broadcast interview.

Throughout lockdowns, it became common to take a look into the private life of an interviewee and usually criticise their personal library but Tory Cabinet ministers used it as a great excuse to promote muscular Unionism.

Union flags became an odd addition to the home offices, along with portraits of her madge of varying degrees of quality.

It all got a bit silly when now-former housing secretary Robert Jenrick appeared on BBC Breakfast with a disappointingly small flag in the background of his office.

The presenters had a laugh (likely sick of the blatant displays), but they did also comment on the picture of the Queen, another theme from Tory ministers.

Presenter Naga Munchetty, who could be seen laughing in the Jenrick clip, was later forced to apologise for "liking" tweets making fun of the Tory displays.

Putting the flag on vaccines

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As the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was in production, it emerged that Downing Street's now-defunct Union Unit wanted the Union flag to be plastered across the kits.

The plans had support from then-health secretary Matt Hancock and then-business secretary Alok Sharma.

The jag was a joint-venture between Oxford University and the British-Swedish pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. 

It never received official backing from the UK Government, but where there's smoke ...

That Downing Street press room

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Over the past few months, the Downing Street press room has seen a decent amount of action - usually from Boris announcing sudden shifts in Covid rules for England, conveniently as scandals erupt around him and he deflects questions to talk about "opening up", "taking back control" or some other empty phrase.

The White House-style press room got a whopping £2.6 million makeover (which could have paid for 10 averagely-priced homes in the UK, maybe nine now) using taxpayer cash, and of course, there are Union flags flanking the lectern behind which Johnson attempts to explain away scandals.

It was also the site of the now-infamous video of former No 10 press chief Alegra Stratton letting it slip about parties in Downing Street. Sorry, "work events".

EU-similar projects get Jack'd

The National: The Union Flag, Saltire of Scotland and EU flag fly outside the entrance to the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh on January 29, 2020. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images).

An inspired plan by the incumbent PM was to plaster the flag across UK-funded projects in Scotland. Johnson clearly has his finger on the pulse.

It was reported that the flag would replace the EU symbol that is used to show if a project was funded by the European Union.

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The plan was described as “foolish and political tokenism” by SNP MP Tommy Sheppard.

He said: “It would probably be counterproductive because there is no point trying to force the Union flag down people's throats in the hope that they would like it.

"If the Union is so great, they should not need constantly to use the flag to promote it."

Strangely, this news came out as polls were showing an increase in support for independence. Hmm ...

Union Jack Air

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In 2020, as Brexit rhetoric was at some form of crescendo, a decision was made to give an RAF jet used by prime ministers a Union flag paint job.

It cost £900,000 and was revealed at a time when the Tories were arguing against giving free school meals to children during the summer holidays amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The "Brexit Jet" was given a promotional role of promoting the UK around the world, but was revealed last year to have only been flown once in a five-month period at the beginning of last year.

Recently, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss took the jet on a £500,000 journey to Australia, not the best use of taxpayer money but this is the Tory minister who spent £1400 on one lunch after being presented with other options by civil servants attempting to keep the cost down.

We're sure you've got more examples of blatant Union Jackery from the current Tories - let us know about the outrageous things you've seen.