THERE'S only one question that needs to be asked of the entitled ex-Etonian and manufacturer of lies who performs the role of the character known as Boris Johnson, and that is: "What is wrong with you?"

Actually, there are many questions to be asked of Johnson and his party, including about the sources of Tory party funding and the bizarre coincidence that so many Conservative party donors end up with seats in the Lords. There are questions to be asked about who paid for the expensive renovation of Johnson's Downing Street flat and about the precise nature of his relationship with Jennifer Arcuri.

However the most immediately pressing question to be asked is why anyone thinks that this shambling and barely coherent creature with his extensive back catalogue of sleaze, lies and corruption, is remotely fit for employment with the weighty responsibilities of a toilet cleaner, never mind the responsibilities that come with being the occupier of the most powerful position in the British Government.

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Actually, a job cleaning public lavatories would be a major step upwards for Johnson, not only would it mean he's making a positive contribution to society for a change, but it would also mean that things were less grubby after he's been in contact with them, which most certainly is not the case at the moment.

Despite having a position of great power, a salary and perks that most of us could only dream of, and a large number of staff who are highly paid in order to ensure that he is ready for any eventuality, Johnson approaches his job with even less preparation than an alcoholic improv actor who has a side gig dancing in the street in a squirrel costume to advertise a furries' club.

The man who secured the leadership of the Conservative party in part upon his supposed reputation as a great orator, hummed, ummed and stammered his way through a bizarre, confused, incoherent and garbled - well let's call it a speech - to the Confederation of British Industry during which he felt the inexplicable need to embark upon an incomprehensible and cringe-making discourse about Peppa Pig land, which he told us was his kind of place. And this would be true. Both Johnson and Peppa Pig Land are cartoonish, infantile, and convincing only to those with a mental age of four.

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It ought to be abundantly clear that Johnson is manifestly unfit for high office. The Conservatives chose him because his carefully contrived persona plays well with a certain type of voter in England. Scotland has always been immune to what are claimed to be his charms. His inadequacies certainly led to thousands of unnecessary deaths in the UK during the pandemic, they continue to be the reason why England currently has the highest rate of covid infections in the UK, which given the open borders within the UK puts Scotland at risk too.

However despite his sleaze, despite his attacks on democratic oversight, as exemplified by his attempt to abolish independent oversight of MPs' standards of behaviour, the Conservatives will continue to back Johnson for as long as they think he can win them elections. The rest of us will have to suffer him and his corrupt, embarrassing and dangerous shortcomings until then.