You might have thought that Shrek's swamp is only fit for an Ogre but you'd be sorely mistaken.

I recently took a trip to Lush on Edinburgh's Princes Street to test out the swampy waters in a private immersive bath experience. 

Watching Shrek and belting out 'All Star' are some of my favourite childhood memories so when given the opportunity to experience the swamp up close, I jumped at the chance.

It felt like I was stepping into the iconic film's opening scene which fans will remember features Shrek showering in mud, brushing his teeth with goo and blowing bubbles in his pond.

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It was truthfully the most luxurious swamp I have ever been - or probably will ever go to.

Before my 30-minute swampy soak, I sat down with Lush team member Karen who kindly and patiently talked me through the experience.

She showed me the Ogre-inspired products I was going to use during my bath and even took the time to cater them to my specific skincare needs.

As a 'swamp expert', Karen pre-prepared the treatment room for me including adding the Shrek Swamp bath bomb, lighting an 'ear wax' candle and setting the atmosphere with the movie soundtrack.

The bath experience itself is £60 - so definitely one of the more expensive baths I have had - but when you weigh up the attention to detail and products supplied, it was well worth it.

I tried Lush's Shrek Book a Swamp experience

During my bath, I got to use a variety of goodies including the Herbalism cleanser, a Matcha face mask and a vanishing cream moisturiser. 

Lush also has its best-selling Mask of Magnaminty available which is affectionately referred to as ‘Shrek Pack’ by customers in South Korea due to its ogre-like green hue.

It has even donned a special Shrek label to celebrate the collaboration.

I also tried the Fiona Shower Gel which had to be one of my favourite products because it was fresh and fruity with a really refreshing lime scent.

You also get an exclusive onion carriage soap which is not available anywhere else.

If you're wondering what the swamp water was like,  I was happy to find out that it was less mud and gunk than it was deep chocolate and mint.

The unique experience felt like so much more than the standard bath you take after the end of a stressful day.

It did feel like a proper pampering since you are provided with a robe, towel and slippers to help you unwind.

The National: The Lush Shrek 'Book a Swamp' experience has so many layers. ( Newsquest)The Lush Shrek 'Book a Swamp' experience has so many layers. ( Newsquest) (Image: Newsquest)

As relaxing as it was, what was special about this spa experience was how immersive it was. 

There were so many layers to discover - just like an onion, just like an Ogre. 

This collaboration is like a licence to be young and playful again.

From the complete transformation of the treatment room to the wee Gingi biscuit you get after your visit, the entire experience felt like stepping into the swamp yourself.

In the past, I have often found baths a bit boring but I think I might have just needed a Shrek bath bomb all along.

Lush's limited edition Shrek collection is available online or on the app.

The collection also features other exciting products that I'm very tempted to go back and try including the Get Out Of My Swamp Shower Slime, the Gingy Bubble Bar and Donkey Bath Bomb.

If you’re in and around Edinburgh, you can book a swamp at its Princes Street store.

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Lush Spa Edinburgh’s ‘Book A Swamp’ bathtub spa experience is available now. Book via the Lush app, by emailing or calling 0131 225 4688.

Speaking about the experience, Ruby West, Lush Spa Research and Development Support, said: “’Book a Swamp Bath’ is all about elevating the client’s bathing experience, and exploring how immersive and luxurious a bath can be - mirroring the level of care and attention you’d give if you were running a bath for a loved one.

“For one time only Edinburgh spa is having a swamp takeover - dive into a glorious mud and oakmoss seaweed bath as you bathe like Shrek. Ground yourself in nature with trees, moss and peep through the window to Shrek’s house from the tub. This is one swamp you won’t be told to ‘get out’ of!”