Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi took to Twitter to tease a possible new album and tour amid the success of his recent chart-topping single.

The pop star returned to the UK charts after releasing his first song in nearly three years with Forget Me.

The charting single amassed over 200,000 sales and streams, gaining a Silver certification in the UK.

Lewis Capaldi teases new album and tour

In a Twitter post, the popular Scottish musician said: "new album and tour anyone?"

Excited fans were quick to respond to the Tweet with one user simply saying: "YESSSSSS."

Another added: "I'll drop harry styles so quick for you."

However, many others complained about the tour ticket prices, saying: "please don't make them this expensive again" to which Lewis replied: "it's going to be exactly the price for the show not to be terrible as it costs SO MUCH but without anyone making any money. deal?"

Iceland lewis Capaldi pizza

Lewis Capaldi unveiled a new range of pizzas that can be purchased from Tesco and frozen food retailer, Iceland.

'Lewis Capaldi's Big Sexy Pizzas' come in two types, "The Big Sexy Cheesy One" and "The Big Sexy Meaty One".

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Lewis Capaldi tourettes

Lewis Capaldi made headlines when he became one of the most prominent celebrities to reveal he has tourettes.

The singer revealed that he has the condition which causes those with it to have certain (often speech or sound) 'tics.'

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NTA Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi recently defended his keyboardist after the musician was caught telling a camera operator to "F**k off" during a live set at the National Television Awards.

In a captioned image of the incident, the singer said: "This one's for you Pete brother."

The light hearted comment was in response to one user saying: "Lewis Capaldi's Keyboard player just Mouthed F*£k off at the camera man!! What an unprofessional little t*rd #NationalTelevisionAwards."