SCOTTISH singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi has announced his own range of pizzas, after topping the charts once again with his new hit single Forget Me.

The pop star, who recently released his first song in three years, announced "Lewis Capaldi’s Big Sexy Pizzas" after taking an interest in pizza-making during the national lockdown last year. 

Capaldi said: “I think lockdown spurred a lot of ideas for a lot of people. I saw a lot of people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter getting really into your banana breads and what have you, and I turned to sourdough."

He added: “Sourdough was my solace. The cogs started turning and I thought pizza could be my true calling.” 

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Lewis’s pizzas are currently available in two flavours, "The Big Sexy Cheesy One" and "The Big Sexy Meaty One".

The pizzas are created using a 24-hour sourdough bread to enhance the flavour of the crust, while the base is shaped using a patented technology that individually spins each dough ball to form quality bases. 

The ingredients are specially selected and then quickly frozen to lock in the taste. 

Where can I buy Lewis Capaldi’s pizzas?

Lewis Capaldi’s pizzas can only be found in Tesco and frozen-food retailer, Iceland but the branded pizzas are expected to be sold in more stores across the UK in 2023.