THIS time last year, Yessers had just answered the rallying call to gather outside of the Scottish Parliament following the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Following the event, we continued the work we’ve done for almost a decade – supporting the Yes movement.

This year we partnered with Scotonomics and Common Weal to provide two free newsletters to readers. These are free for anyone!

The idea is that these can and will reach those undecided voters, who continue to wonder about policy and the day-to-day economics of an independent Scotland.

They are rich with ideas, possibilities, and explanations for numerous topics.


We also partnered with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp to deliver his weekly newsletter -Reinventing Scotland. This gives the argument for a wellbeing economic approach, something the Scottish Government included in its cabinet portfolio this year.

Talking of politics, we provided readers with a public hustings for the SNP leadership race alongside the party's biggest affiliate, SNPTUG, as well as providing a public livestream of the party's independence convention in June. This was followed by unrivaled coverage of the autumn conference in Aberdeen, as well as the Scottish Greens and Alba annual events.

Our Holyrood Weekly podcast has over 35 FREE episodes available to stream and we have just launched a monthly podcast with Michael Russell – Scotland Can. These have the potential to reach millions of listeners around the world and your subscription allows us to fund these projects.

We continued to visit Yes Groups across the country, partnered with Time For Scotland on the EU anniversary, assisted in delivering the rally and march with Believe in Scotland, attended numerous All Under One Banner marches and the national Break Up of Britain? conference.

This was all alongside the day job of delivering Scotland’s only pro-independence daily newspaper.


We take our role and responsibility in the journey to independence seriously and as has been the case for the last nine years, it is the support from you that ensures we can do all of this – and will allow us to provide more next year.

'For the sake of your sanity'

And if you don’t believe us, a few words from our columnist Lesley Riddoch.

“Speaking to Yessers after a screening of my Denmark film in Dunoon recently, there was a lot of gloomy comment that few big Yes events are being organised these days," she said.

“What - like the amazing Breakup of Britain conference attended by 700 people and so challenging it brought the Union press out in a rash?!

“I gave a short summary of the speakers and folk fairly perked up.

“But if you don’t buy The National at this utterly rock-bottom price and rely on social media or main stream media, you'll stay gloomy and believe nothing's happening. So, for the sake of your sanity - spend that £12 right now and stay connected.”

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