AN SNP MSP has written to Keir Starmer to call on the Prime Minister to headquarter GB Energy in Aberdeen.

A key part of Labour’s manifesto, GB Energy was billed as a publicly owned energy company – and there have been promises that it would be headquartered in Scotland.

Starmer has since clarified in an interview in May that it will not be an energy retail company, but it will jointly invest in power generation projects with the private sector.

This led SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn (above) to call the plans a "sham".

“This interview showed Keir Starmer is utterly clueless about the Scottish energy industry and his only Scottish policy has completely unravelled," he said.

"Starmer has been forced to admit it isn’t an energy company, it won't produce or sell energy – and it will rely on the same private investment that his policies are putting at risk."

Audrey Nicoll (above) – SNP MSP for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine – argued meanwhile in the letter that GB Energy would leverage Aberdeen's historical and ongoing contributions to the UK’s energy sector and its expertise in renewable energy innovations.

She said: “Aberdeen’s commitment to the energy sector is unwavering, and the city is ready to take charge of the transition to green energy. Placing the headquarters of GB Energy in Aberdeen would not only capitalise on the city’s unparalleled expertise but would show to Scotland that this new Labour Government is actually interested in both the energy transition and the people of Scotland.”

Nicoll also emphasised the economic impact, adding: “Recent reports have raised significant concerns about potential job losses due to the new Labour Governments tax proposals.

“Establishing the GB Energy Headquarters in Aberdeen would be a crucial step in supporting a Just Transition ensuring the move to renewable energy supports local economies.”