A SCOTLAND fan in Germany for the Euros has told of his horror after he was sent to stay in an “abandoned medical facility”.

Glaswegian Rory Bradley, 28, travelled to Duren, near the Dutch border, with three friends to see Scotland compete in the international tournament.

But he said the first place he and his friends had booked was an “absolute mess”. On Twitter/X, Bradley said one of the beds had been made out of cardboard and was held together by duct tape while the other was “a sofa bed that was broken and disgusting”.

After calling Booking.com, they were offered alternative accommodation at the other side of the town shortly after midnight.

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Bradley said: “Once we arrived, we were STUNNED by what we found. [Booking.com] had sent us to a dungeon that must have been some sort of abandoned medical facility as there was hospital beds and industrial equipment lying around the entrance.”

He added: “We made our way into the property and we're greeted by more industrial equipment, exposed chemicals, exposed cables and exposed pipes and to top it all off an axe that looked like something out of a murder film. The whole place had the vibes of a human trafficking horror film.”

Bradley said he and his friends found “hazard after hazard including access to a generator room” in the new place and noticed a “serious smell of damp”.

In addition, he said the front door would not lock so the group decided there was “absolutely no chance we were going to sleep here”.

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The group again complained to the holiday company, Bradley said, who told them to book another place and invoice them for the cost.

Bradley said: “This is after [Booking.com] had paid for the dungeon that we were currently sitting in.

“We have spent over £2000 on accommodation through them for this trip and now they expect us to pay more and wait for a refund when we don't have the money to pay now.”

The group left the “dungeon” and stayed in a hotel and have since managed to find alternative accommodation for the rest of their stay, Bradley added.

He told MailOnline the company had offered to refund the group up to £900, adding: “But of course the price of accommodation has shot up now.

“We're all working class lads. One of my pals has £39 left in his bank account. We don't have the money to pay for a hotel.”

Booking.com was approached for comment.