A SCOTTISH independence march is set to take place in Munich on Saturday following the opening to Euro 2024.

Germans for ScotRef, a group established by Yessers living in Germany arranged the march, which will take place after Scotland’s 5-1 loss to Germany.

John Swinney was among those in attendance for the sobering defeat on Friday evening as Scotland suffered a heavy defeat in their opening group-stage match.

In a post on Twitter/X, Germans for ScotRef said: “Ok, wisnae the best from Scotland the night.

“Let’s focus on other things tomorrow. #IndyMunich24. 2pm with the meeting location listed as Münchner Freiheit station.

The National previously spoke with Colin Macpherson, who organised a march in Berlin in March last year.

At the time, he said: “Our aim is to raise awareness in Germany and I think it’s important for the wider grassroots movement in Scotland to see there is international support there.

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“During the referendum we had Unionists telling us nobody is interested in what you say in Scotland and we’ve seen that has changed a lot.

“It’s very important these events take place. It’s not necessarily a case of numbers, it’s more they are taking place. It’s about showing face.”