POLICE have issued a warning to drivers on the NC500 after a motorcyclist was knocked off her bike.

It was previously reported that Sharon Markinson was on day on of her own NC500 trip but was forced to cut it a short after a motorhome “insisted on trying to squeeze past”.

The Durham motorcyclist had been travelling from Inverness to Poolewe via Applecross but was forced to cut it short after the incident.

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Following this, a spokesperson for Police Scotland has issued a new statement urging people to respect other road users.

“We recognise that the Highlands and Islands and particularly the NC500 road network carry large numbers of local and visitor traffic,” they said.

“While we welcome visitors, we would like to remind them that some of the roads are different to what they may have encountered before and to be careful and safe while visiting.

“We deploy marked and unmarked car patrols and marked motorcycle patrols across a variety of locations.

“We would like to emphasise the importance of respecting other road users and those who live in our communities which can be achieved through considerate, safe and responsible driving.”

The latest warning comes following reports earlier this week that Police were looking for a man who threw stones at two motorbike riders as they drove along the NC500 route.