FORMER prime minister Gordon Brown has been named on the King’s Birthday Honours list.

Brown has received the highest award on the list, after being appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honour for public and charitable service in the UK and abroad.

The award is limited to just 61 people at any one time and recognises significant contributions to the arts, science, medicine or government over a long period of time.

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Speaking to the PA news agency, Brown (below) said: “I feel slightly embarrassed as the opportunity to serve is an honour in itself and my preference has always been to recognise all those brilliant, unsung, local heroes who quietly and selflessly give their time to contribute to the vitality of our communities.

(Image: PA)

“I want to thank those who put my name forward and thank too my family and all who have worked with me during the last 50 years in public life, to whom I owe everything.”

Other Scots to receive an honour include writer and satirist Armando Iannucci and ex-footballer Ally McCoist.

Responding to the news, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie (above) said: “It is hard to believe that anyone would want to accept an honour from an institution tarnished by nepotism and corruption.

“The Monarchy is an outdated and fundamentally undemocratic institution which, every year, and through the honours system it hands out ‘rewards’ to hundreds of former politicians and the richest in society whilst families across the country are struggling with extortionate bills and soaring costs.

“Independence would give us the powers and the opportunity to do things differently and to tackle the inequality that is so prevalent in our society.”