ALASTAIR Campbell has said his bagpipes were flagged up by airport security en route to watch the Euros in Germany.

The Rest is Politics podcast host said the instrument raises alarm bells “eight times out of 10” when he is travelling.

The former New Labour spin doctor told The National that his bagpipes raised eyebrows while travelling through Lyon airport in France.

He is making his way to Germany to watch the Euros, where Scotland will on Friday night play their first game of the tournament against the host nation.

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Campbell said: “Was just going through security at Lyon airport and the bag got picked out for inspection.

“I would reckon it happens eight times out of 10! To be fair the guy was ok as soon as he opened it.”

On Twitter/X, the podcast host fumed: “Why has no airport security scanner been devised to learn that bagpipes are not, repeat not, an offensive weapon? What is the point of AI if this simple thing cannot be done?”

Born to Scottish parents in West Yorkshire, Campbell’s younger brother Donald was the piper at Glasgow University and both siblings piped at the funeral of the late LibDem leader Charles Kennedy.