KATE Forbes was interrupted multiple times by almost all other panel members and host Fiona Bruce on last night's BBC Question Time.

The Deputy First Minister struggled to answer numerous questions throughout the show last night, which was hosted in Edinburgh, as she was continuously cut off before she could even begin speaking.

In one segment, Forbes was about to start answering a question fielded by an audience member on how will Scotland switch from oil and gas to renewable energy sources without any job losses.

She was only 10 seconds into her answer before Bruce sharply interjected and began talking over her.

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Forbes was in the middle of saying: “We are for analysing each of the applications for licences by a case-by-case basis.

“They need to meet...,” at which point Bruce butted in saying: “Are you any the wiser,” as she opened up her arms to encourage the audience to speak over Forbes.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross even got a “no” in while the SNP minister said: “Let me finish my answer."

“I’ve not finished my answer,” Forbes continued before Ross again spoke over her saying: “They heard it before though,” while grinning.

Forbes then continued her answer about meeting three tests around compatibility, strategy, and ambition for a just transition.

However, she was again only mere seconds into her answer when Bruce cut in once more, saying: “Let's just examine that for a minute hang on,” while Forbes visually tried to plead with her to let her finish first.

“Let’s examine that, let’s examine that,” said Bruce, forcing her to stop.

The host then proceeded to ask how new oil and gas fields can ever be compatible with climate change targets.

“If I can illustrate that we have also two other tests,” Forbes said before Bruce interrupted her once again saying: “No, no answer that question first."

The pair went back and forth throughout the exchange, with Forbes saying: “I am answering your question."

Bruce replied: “You are not."

The exchange was just one of multiple times throughout the show Forbes was unable to speak without Bruce speaking over her, which has drawn heavy criticism from people online.

One viewer wrote: “I couldn’t hear her answer because Fiona Bruce continually interrupted her.”

Another said: "Disgraceful constant interruptions from Bruce when Forbes was talking.”

A third said: “Once again Fiona Bruce barracking and interrupting the SNP representative more than anyone else. It's so obvious.”

The BBC has been asked for comment.