A BRITISH journalist was told to “stop where you are” during an interview with a woman in Lee Anderson’s constituency.

Moya Lothian-McLean, a contributing editor for Novara Media who comes from Hereford in England, posted a clip to social media of her interviewing a woman in former Tory MP and current Reform UK candidate Lee Anderson’s constituency.

During the interview in which Lothian-McLean asks the woman about her political allegiances, she was told to “stop where you are, not to come here” despite being from England.

After telling Lothian-McLean that she has stopped voting, the 80-year-old former Labour voter said she felt Enoch Powell – a Tory MP during the 1960s famous for his rabidly anti-immigration “rivers of blood” speech – had the “right idea”.

“What issues do you think matter to the country at large,” asked Lothian McLean.

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The woman replied: “Well, I tell you for now, for what, for now. Enoch Powell had right idea many, many, many, many, many years ago.”

When asked why she felt that way, the women said: “Well, you’re not English. Are you?”

Lothian-McLean then said that she believed that was a question for her birth certificate.

She added: “So, what would you say about someone like me, who’s mixed? Would you say Enoch Powell had the right idea about someone like me?”

The woman responded by saying that people with a mixed ethnic background shouldn’t be allowed into England even if they are born there.

“Stop where you are,” she said. “Not to come here. I’m not being personal, really.”

Lothian-McLean then quipped: “So, after this interview I will be returning to Herefordshire”.

It comes after a string of Reform UK candidates were caught sharing far-right content on social media.

Ian Gribbin, the party’s candidate in Bexhill and Battle, apologised after claiming that the UK would be “far better” if it had “taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality” instead of fighting fascism during WW2.