A TORY minister has hit out at the Euros after it was revealed England fans will not be served full-strength beer during their opening match against Serbia.

It comes amid concerns about potential conflict between England fans and Serbian fans at the 62,000-seater Veltins Arena in the German city of Gelsenkirchen.

The German tabloid Bild has warned that around 500 pro-Putin Serbian fans are due to attend the match on Sunday, with police increasing the security status of the clash from “high” to “very high”.

Violence from England fans outside Wembley stadium during the team’s Euros 2020 final against Italy also has police on high alert, with a spokesperson stating that they will “receive support from Serbian and English colleagues, who know high-risk individuals and can identify them on site”.

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In an attempt to quell tensions, organisers have decided that no full-strength beer will be served at the game.

Instead of the regular 4.8 per cent beverage being served, fans will only be able to purchase the 2.5 per cent “Radler-style” beer, which is half lager and half lemonade.

They will also only be permitted to buy two beers at once.

A spokesperson for the Gelsenkirchen police, Stephan Knipp, confirmed that these measures would not be in place for other matches at Veltins Arena.

“It is just the England game which will have the low-strength beer,” he told The Sun.

“The other games at the stadium will have 4.8 per cent.”

But policing minister and Tory candidate Chris Philp (above) claimed security officials were picking on England fans.

“If England fans have somehow been picked out or singled out and served watered-down beer based on their nationality, that sounds to me completely unfair,” he said.

“And probably discriminatory – we should not be getting picked on in that way.”

There are also concern that both Scotland and England fans could fall foul of Germany’s strict anti-counterfeit laws if they are spotted wearing fake football shirts.

Police are able to enforce fines of up to £4260 if caught wearing knock-off merchandise.

However, it is unclear whether police intend to enforce the law during the tournament.