A SCOTS trio are hoping that their new anthem can help inspire Scotland to glory at this summer’s Euros. 

Known collectively as The Caledonian Dream, Dave Clark, John Murray and Bruce Jolliffe took to a home studio to pen their new hit Shot at Glory. 

Bringing together, some fantastic lyrics, bagpipes and a great video, the band is hoping their track can help Scotland go far this summer. 

Clark, one of the writers of the song, commented: “We wanted to make something new and modern that a contemporary and diverse Scotland could be proud of, young and old alike.”

The song has already been seen widely on social media, picking up more than 40,000 views on YouTube and well over 100,000 across other platforms such as TikTok. 

Speaking to The National on how the song came about, Murray said: “It wasn’t an idea I had for a while. It was a pal of mine who I spoke with about it when excitement started building about Scotland going to the Euros. 

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“We wanted to something that was a bit more upbeat. I had an original melody and words but it centred more around lager and drinking culture.

“But we quickly realised we wanted it to be family friendly and that’s how this came about.”

While Murray is making his way to Germany for the big tournament, Jolliffe jokes that those days are over for him for the time being but that he still wanted to make a contribution in some way.

“I remember thinking the song had peaked a few days in but it has just kept going, I think we’re in excess of 130,000 views across all social media,” he said.

“I used to go to a lot of the games myself and spent way too much money through the worst of Scottish international football. 

The band are hoping their new song can help Steve Clarke's men to success. 

“When my kids were born, I had stopped going though because I already do work that takes me away a lot. 

“It was about the same time I gave up playing the bagpipes because those don’t mix with babies very well.

“But this has got me back into doing something, you don’t need to be in the stadium to be a fan.”