SCOTS shoppers gave a series of priceless reactions when questioned about their views on Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak live on Sky News on Wednesday.

The broadcaster was at an Asda supermarket in Edinburgh to report on a campaign visit from First Minister John Swinney when they caught unsuspecting shoppers.

While on the scene, Sky’s reporter thought to ask some locals for their views on Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak ahead of a General Election debate between the pair on Wednesday evening.

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Their reactions were, to quote the SNP’s Pete Wishart “absolutely fantastic” and the “last thing he was expecting”.

One lady simply responded with a blank look before responding to Sky News’s question on the General Election debate: “I’ll be going to my bed.”

Fair enough.

Unperturbed, Sky went and asked a man browsing the smoked salmon for his view.

As he turned around to be greeted with a live news camera in his face, viewers could see he was wearing a Believe in Scotland badge on his lapel, as well as an EU one.

You can probably guess where it went next.

Asked what he’d like to hear from Starmer and Sunak, the shopper said: “I’m fed up listening to them actually. I’m hoping for Scotland going independent.

“Let us make our own mistakes and learn from them, free to do our own thing.”

Third time did not prove the charm for a Sky News reporter.

He tried another woman, and found she used to be a Unionist but “no more”.

She told Sky News: “I’m just fed up with lies. I’m fed up with Scotland being ignored.

“I’m fed up with … I’ve come to this from being a Unionist. No more! I’m for independence.”

Asked what she’d like to hear from Starmer or Sunak, the shopper added: “I would like to know what’s in Starmer’s mind.

“I think he’s a hollow man.”

Sky News probably won’t be ambushing random Scots again in a hurry.