THE National has launched a charity sweepstake for this summer’s Euros with a range of big names from across Scotland taking part.

We know everybody is looking forward to Scotland’s big opener against Germany but we thought we’d add a little bit extra with this competition.

We’ve got 24 people across Scotland – including comedians, writers and politicians – to pick a charity and we’ve randomly allocated them all a team.

Some of those taking part are Elaine C Smith (above), Christopher Brookmyre and Stephen Flynn who ... let’s just say has some conflicting emotions about his team.

Whoever ends up winning will receive £1000 for their chosen charity so there’s a lot to play for.

You can find out everybody who is taking part and their chosen charities HERE.

Make sure to check in every game day and we’ll give you the rundown of whose teams are taking one another on.

Managing editor Stewart Ward said: “We know how buzzing everybody is for Scotland to kick off their Euros campaign against Germany this Friday and here at The National we wanted to make things that little bit more interesting, plus help a good cause in the process.

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“We’re delighted to be able to donate £1000 to the winning charity and look forward to seeing all the games.

“Thank you and good luck to everybody taking part. And good luck especially to Scotland!”