A SECOND independence referendum will be held within five years if the SNP win the General Election in Scotland, the party’s Westminster leader has said.

Stephen Flynn told ITV on Tuesday night that the SNP would seek to hold a second referendum if they win the majority of the Scottish seats at the next General Election: At least 29 out of 57.

Flynn said he believed Labour would take a different approach to the Tory prime ministers of the past five years – although the party has insisted it will refuse any request for a second constitutional vote.

Speaking to ITV News, Flynn said: "We believe in Scottish independence. It’s what we fight for because we want to be in a position where Scotland’s interests are not dictated to by Westminster.”

He went on: "The difference here is we've had Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, and Rishi Sunak. We're soon going to have a Labour prime minister.

“Are you suggesting a Labour prime minister is going to follow the same tact as those three individuals and deny the people of Scotland the mandate that they provide to the SNP?"

Labour leader Keir Starmer had said he would refuse to hold a second independence referendum, Flynn said: “Indeed, and it’s for the Scottish people to reflect upon that.”

Asked if the SNP would seek to hold a referendum in the next five years, Flynn said: "Yes, I believe we will be in a position to get those powers which are set in Westminster to be set in Holyrood and we would seek to put them into democratic effect because that is the right thing to do."

Asked if Scotland would be independent in five years if the SNP win a majority of Scottish seats at Westminster, Flynn said: “I would certainly believe so.”

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Recent opinion polls have suggested that the SNP will struggle to win a majority of Scottish seats.

An Ipsos survey published on Wednesday found the party on level pegging with Labour, with both parties projected to win 36% of the Scottish vote.

However, that same poll found a two-point lead for Yes over staying in the Union.

Scottish Tory minister John Lamont said Flynn’s comments were “confirmation that breaking up the UK will be the top priority for all SNP MPs if they are elected”.

He added: “Here in the Scottish Borders, the only way to stop this is by voting for me on July 4. Together, let's beat the SNP and end their obsession for good.”