RISHI Sunak is facing continued pressure over his decision to skip a D-Day event in Normandy after a clip showed him blaming the event running over for making him late to an ITV interview.

Sunak’s decision to leave the event after the UK-focused events concluded led to significant backlash from a number of parties.

John Swinney described the decision as “foolish” and new footage has shown that the Prime Minister expected to get back to the UK earlier.

In the programme, set to air tonight, Sunak opened the interview by telling ITV’s UK editor and host Paul Brand “sorry to have kept you” before adding that D-Day events “all just ran over”.

Sunak then described the occasion as “incredible” and repeated that “it just ran over”.

“Apologies for keeping you,” he told the host.

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The Prime Minister went on to say that he had met “lots” of veterans over two days of commemorations and that he “already spoke to almost everyone that was there, I hope”.

Sunak has repeatedly apologised for leaving the commemoration event, saying that “it was a mistake not to stay in France longer”.

Reacting to the clip on Twitter/X, SNP candidate for Perth and Kinross-shire Pete Wishart (above) said: “‘Those inconvenient veterans’… keeping him from his interview where he’ll spill his heart about how we was ‘deprived’ of Sky TV when he was a child.

“Just awful.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sunak was asked to name something he had “sacrificed” as a child and cited Sky TV as an example.

He also batted away questions about Nigel Farage and the threat of Reform party potentially picking up Conservative voters.

“I really don’t know him (Farage),” Sunak said before adding: “I think I’ve met him maybe once in my life. I don’t know him.”