ALBA have reacted with fury after STV opted to move their party’s political General Election broadcast so it will no longer be shown ahead of Scotland’s opening game at the Euros.

Alex Salmond claimed that STV had said the slot on June 14 – just before Scotland kicks off against Germany in the first match of the 2024 Euro championships – would give Alba an “unfair advantage” over other parties.

The former first minister said the proposed new broadcast date added “insult to injury” as it would be after postal votes have been sent out, so some people may have already cast their ballot.

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As it stands, both STV and the BBC are showing parties’ political broadcasts this week.

The SNP’s was shown on both channels on Monday, the Scottish Tories’ will be shown on Tuesday, the LibDems’ on Wednesday, and Scottish Labour’s on Thursday.

However, on Friday the BBC will show Alba’s broadcast, but STV will not.

The Alba broadcast will be shown by the BBC at 6:55pm, 65 minutes before the Scotland vs Germany game kicks off.

However, that game will be broadcast on STV, and the channel’s schedule shows that coverage will run from 6:30:pm until 10:45pm.

Alba leader Salmond said that STV’s decision to delay the Alba broadcast would see “balance and fairness” lost.

Alba leader and former first minister Alex Salmond  (Image: PA)

The former first minister said: “STV got a yellow card over their carve up of the television debates. Now that they have put the boot into election fairness again, the card colour has gone red.

"Since the beginning of party broadcasts, the BBC pick the date and STV put it out at roughly the same time.

“This has always meant that if one side had a small audience for whatever reason, then the other channel has a big viewership. That is how balance and fairness is maintained and that is how it should be this Friday, before the Scotland game is shown.

"Now STV have decided to throw away the rule book.

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“They have decided it would give Alba an ‘unfair advantage’ to show our broadcast at a time of a big audience before or after the football. This humbug from the TV station which unfairly bans Alba from TV debates!

"To add insult to injury, their proposed new broadcast date is after the postal votes are out. ALBA get but one broadcast. The establishment parties get multiple opportunities.

"We have given STV until close of play today to restore fair play or we will report them forthwith to the Election Committee at Ofcom."

The BBC’s guidelines for party political broadcasts says the scheduling “is a matter for broadcasters”.

The guidelines go on: “Broadcasters retain editorial control over scheduling, and have the right to cancel and reschedule broadcasts in the event of a breaking news story, a major event or another reason which means that it is appropriate to do so in the circumstances.

 An STV spokesperson said: “We’re comfortable that our election coverage across the board – including news, current affairs and Party Election Broadcasts – complies with the Ofcom Broadcast Code and its guidance around due impartiality.”

Salmond has already reported STV to Ofcom amid concerns about Alba not being included in General Election debates.