TAYLOR Swift fans are being urged to show support for Palestine ahead of the pop star’s three-night run of concerts in Edinburgh this weekend.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) have cancelled their usual demonstration and will instead be handing out flags and leaflets to Swift fans as they head toward Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday.

A vigil for healthcare workers in Palestine is due to take place at the Foot of the Mound in Edinburgh city centre between 12:00 – 12:30 on June 8.

Afterwards, activists are set to take the tram towards Murrayfield and spend the afternoon encouraging Swift fans to speak out and give Palestine some visibility at the concert.

A statement from SPSC said: “Attending Taylor’s concerts and listening to her music brings hope and joy to fans’ lives, and has since 2006 – including in Palestine.

Taylor Swift is due to play three consective nights of shows at Murrayfield StadiumTaylor Swift is due to play three consecutive nights of shows at Murrayfield Stadium

“Yet in Palestine, ongoing apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide means that hope and joy are part of daily survival (on the days they are possible at all).

“Being able to attend concerts and other events comes with a responsibility to recognise what is possible when we come together for what we believe in.

“Everyone reading this has the power to advocate for an end to the genocide.

“The first step is breaking the silence.

“The effect of silence as this stage, regardless of intent, can only be seen as upholding Israel’s internationally recognised genocide in Gaza.

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“We are calling on Taylor Swift, but (more importantly!) her fans, the people who make the success of her songs possible, to speak out against the killing of uncounted thousands of Palestinians."

Last month, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel must immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah due to the “immediate risk” faced by Palestinians.

So far, more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched its offensive in Gaza following the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Swift has yet to make any public comment about Israel’s assault in Gaza.

In response, fans set up the group Swifties for Palestine to try and urge the singer to speak out, as she has done previously on issues such as abortion rights and LGBT+ rights in the USA.

Campaigners have cancelled their usual rally in order to hand out flyers to Taylor Swift fansCampaigners have cancelled their usual rally in order to hand out flyers to Taylor Swift fans (Image: Jane Barlow)

They are calling on fans to wave Palestine flags and hold-up posters during her Eras Tour concerts.

While Swift has yet to comment on Palestine, last week her support band Paramore urged their fans to donate to Doctors Without Borders in order to support their work in Gaza.

A statement published by the band on Instagram said: “We don’t not believe that support for Palestinian friends and family equals antisemitism.

“We love our Jewish friends and family and pray for the safe return of the remaining hostages.

“That being said, we simply cannot support a genocide."