The National:

AN ITV News presenter has asked Stephen Flynn if he will be supporting England in the Euros "when Scotland is not playing". 

During an appearance on the channel following the first head-to-head debate between Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak, the SNP's leader at Westminster was asked a series of quickfire questions. 

One of which concerned whether Flynn would be supporting anyone other than Scotland in the European Football Championships. 

Presenter Anushka Asthana said: "Would there be a hard border between England and an independent Scotland?" 

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"No," said Flynn. 

Asthana then asked: "When Scotland is not playing will you support England in the Euros?" 

Smiling, Flynn said: "No". 

While it would appear perfectly normal for a citizen of any other country not to support one of their biggest sporting rivals, some commentators appear to have taken issue with Flynn's refusal to back England. 

Responding to the clip posted by ITV on X/Twitter, GB News presenter Darren Grimes said: "Pathetic. Properly sad bloke." 

Flynn then responded: "A snowflake, in June. Remarkable."