ARMS manufacturers and fossil fuel companies will no longer be able to advertise on council-owned assets or offer sponsorship for events in Edinburgh.

Following action by Green councillors, new contracts will not be entered into which promote “high carbon” products including airlines, petrol cars and cruise holidays while relationships with arms manufacturers will also be prohibited.

The policy will apply to property and assets used or contracted out by the council, such as bus stops across the city.

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However, it will not apply to arms-length organisations such as Lothian buses or the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Scottish Greens councillor Ben Parker, who made the original call for divestment, said: “We’re pleased the council has taken a lead on the issue of fossil free advertising and sponsorship, and hope to see other councils across Scotland follow suit.

“It’s just basic common sense that if the council is serious about its commitment to climate justice, we cannot allow council advertising space to be used to promote fossil fuel companies.

“Similarly, it is unthinkable that the council should enter into contracts with arms manufacturers – which in some cases are manufactured here in the city – are being used in the horrific and relentless bombardment of Palestine, at the same time as the council has publicly called for a ceasefire.

“Today we have taken a clear step to say: we don’t need their money, we don’t want their money, and we don’t think it’s right for the council to legitimise the practices of organisations whose business is to profit from war.”

Green councillors did secure a commitment that means all arms-length companies will be asked to follow this policy voluntarily, while a review is carried out.

The National:

It is understood that Edinburgh Trams has already undertaken to comply with the policy.

Councillor Alys Mumford commented: “This is the first step in removing harmful messages from fossil fuel companies and arms manufacturers from our city.

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"We know that previously council-owned venues have hosted events such as the ‘Oil Club’ dinner and weapons fairs – cleaning up the images of these companies and attracting protest.

"We hope that arms-length companies in the council, who all share our vision for climate and social justice, will agree to follow this ethical advertising and sponsorship policy and ensure that damaging industries have no place on council property.”