TORY MP Lucy Allan has been suspended by the Conservative Party for backing Reform UK’s candidate in the Telford seat she is vacating. 

Allan is standing down in Telford and publicly gave her support to Reform’s Alan Adams rather than Conservative Hannah Campbell.

Allan claimed she has resigned from the Tories in order to back Adams. However, the party claimed they had suspended her.

A Conservative Party spokesperson said: “Lucy Allan has been suspended from the party with immediate effect.

“The people of Telford now have the chance to vote for a dedicated and hardworking new candidate who will put Telford first. A vote for Reform is a vote for Keir Starmer.”

A Reform spokesperson told the PA news agency: “Of course we are absolutely delighted that she is backing our candidate in Telford.

“She, like many Conservatives, feels that the Reform party represents traditional centre-right values and priorities in a way that the Conservative Party has long forgotten.”

She said: “I have resigned from the Conservative Party to support Alan Adams to be Telford’s next MP.

“I have known Alan for many years and he is genuinely the best person for the job. I want the best for Telford and I can’t just let the Labour candidate have a walkover.”

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She added: "As a Royal Navy veteran, Alan knows what it means to serve.

“He is the candidate who is most in touch with Telford people and best able to represent them. He will serve all residents, not just those who vote for him.

“Alan is not in it for personal advantage, power, or control over people. Alan’s motivation for standing for election is profoundly honourable. He will be honest with Telford and put Telford first.

“Alan gives Telford a choice, so that Telford does not have to settle for more of the same politics and more of the same politicians.”