DAVID CAMERON has been slammed for “wasting” taxpayers money “to watch a Prime Minister getting drenched at Downing Street”, after it was revealed that he had spent £60k on a private jet to Albania that was forced to fly back as Rishi Sunak called an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The Foreign Secretary flew to Albania in an Embraer Legacy 600 jet – as revealed by The Mirror – which was on the ground for just 89 minutes before Cameron was summoned back to the UK, as Sunak called the election.

Cameron was due to visit Albania’s capital Tirana, where Union Jack flags were waiting to welcome him alongside a photo of himself draped on a government building.

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Labour’s shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry said the move summed up “so much of what’s wrong with this government”.

Meanwhile, the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard (below) said Cameron had wasted “tens of thousands in public money”, advocating for the “undemocratic House of Lords” to be abolished.

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Sheppard said: “David Cameron has wasted £60,000 of taxpayers money to watch a Prime Minister getting drenched at Downing Street. "Yet again we’re seeing an unelected Lord waste tens of thousands in public money. People who think the undemocratic House of Lords should be abolished should vote SNP.

“Both the Tories and Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour support the continued existence of an unelected, undemocratic second chamber that does nothing but impose huge costs on Scottish taxpayers.

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“This is yet another issue where Labour have aligned themselves to the grim status quo of the broken Westminster system.”

Sheppard added that Cameron’s actions gave voters more reason to vote for the SNP in the upcoming General Election.

“Scotland can secure a permanent end to the House of Lords with the full powers of independence,” Sheppard said.

“But until then, for MPs who’ll stand up against the undemocratic chamber, and in favour of Scotland’s values and priorities, vote SNP on July 4th.”