THE SNP have outlined the ways in which Scotland is “better making decisions for itself” in its General Election campaign material.

The National has an exclusive first-look into the SNP’s campaign material, which features a list of “100 ways” the party is “already improving everyday life”.

The material features the SNP’s yellow branding alongside the saltire flag, which we previously revealed had been accused of being "erased" from Labour’s campaign.

The National:

The leaflet argues that many of the policies outlined are “a result of decisions being made in Scotland by those you elect, not by Westminster”.

“Imagine how much better things would be if Scotland could make all the decisions that affect us, instead of Westminster,” the material reads.

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“With independence we can do that and with your support we can build on these achievements to further improve everyday life for all who live and work in Scotland.”

The top ten things on the list are as follows.

  1. Free prescriptions: "Prescription charges abolished in Scotland - now nearly £10 per item south of the border."
  2. Cheaper council tax: "Every Scottish household benefits from cheaper tax bills - on average £600 less than England."
  3. Reducing child poverty: "Introduced Scottish Child Payment which has helped bring 100,000 children out of poverty."
  4. Free bus travel: "Over two million Scots now enjoy free travel, including young people, over-60s and disabled people."
  5. Childcare savings: "600 hours of early learning and childcare, saving families up to £2500 per child per year."
  6. Free tuition: "Students in England face tuition fees up to £27,750 - Scottish students receive university tuition free."
  7. Care for all: "Free personal and nursing care extended to everyone who needs it, regardless of age."
  8. Period poverty: "Scotland is the first in the world to make sanitary products available free to all pupils and students."
  9. Better A&Es: "Scotland's A&Es continue to be the best performing in the UK."
  10. The baby box: "A jam-packed box of baby essentials to help new parents at the start of their child's life. Almost 300,000 baby boxes have been delivered."

The National:

The list also looks at policies made in health, education, economy, welfare, crime, culture, the environment and rural communities.

The National:

It comes as First Minister John Swinney is expected to lead a “day of action” for the SNP as the first weekend of General Election campaigning begins.

Swinney will be travelling around Scotland as he and other party leaders make their case.

He is expected to discuss the SNP’s end to tuition fees, the doubling of NHS funding, the Scottish Child Payment, free bus travel for young, and disabled and elderly people, and baby boxes.