The National:

JANEY Godley has given her latest take on modern politics, this time taking aim at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after he announced a General Election.

Standing outside Downing Street in the rain on Wednesday, the Prime Minister explained the General Election would be held on July 4.

Taking to Twitter/X, Godley posted a voiceover giving her version of Sunak’s speech – which at the time was largely drowned out by protesters blaring 90s hits.

“What’s happened is, is I’ve forgot to bring a brolly,” Godley starts off saying before adding that “the country is just absolutely f*****”.

She goes on: “I coudnae get the Rwanda thing tae happen, there’s people playing music in the background tae annoy me.

“I wasnae even voted in tae start with but I’ve lasted longer than a lettuce which is very important.

“But aye at the end of the day, it’s f*****. Me and my wife are billionaires. As soon as this is over, we’re off, we’re away on holiday.

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“Possibly a cruise, I do love a cruise. So see you later.

"Frank, get the door.”

Many took to social media to praise Godley’s latest take on politics, with one saying Sunak had “given us one of the best comedy moments in government ever” while another said it was “brilliant”.

“Such a dignified speech,” joked another social media user while a fourth said the comedian’s take was “perfect”.

It was an all-round bad afternoon for Sunak, not only because of the rain, but because protester Steve Bray stole the limelight by blaring the soundtrack for Tony Blair’s 1997 General Election – D: Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better – as he made his announcement.