THE Scottish Government has called on the UK Government to recognise Palestine as an independent state.

External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson has urged UK ministers to join Ireland, Norway and Spain – who announced the move on Wednesday.

Irish premier Simon Harris told journalists in Dublin the decision was taken due to his country’s understanding of the fight for international recognition, adding it was based on a “permanent peace”.

The move has created more of a push north of the border, with Robertson saying the Scottish Government are reiterating a previous call for the UK to review its position following the "welcome decision by Ireland, Norway and Spain".

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"It is only with full recognition of Palestine, as a state in its own right, that we can truly move forward towards a two-state solution," he added. 

"Recognition would offer hope to Palestinians that a just and durable political solution is possible, and would allow Israel and Gaza to move towards long term peace and stability which is in the interests of all parties."

Robertson was joined in the call by former first minister Humza Yousaf, who has consistently pushed for a ceasefire in Gaza since the conflict began last year, and praised the “courageous moral leadership” of the three countries.

“It is time other governments stopped paying mere lip-service to a two-state solution,” he posted.

“The UK Government must now officially recognise the state of Palestine.”

Scottish Greens external affairs spokesman Ross Greer, meanwhile, has lodged a motion in Holyrood to put more pressure on Westminster (above).

He said: “I am glad that so many European countries are finally joining the vast majority of the world in recognising the state of Palestine.

“As one of the countries most responsible for the decades of injustice inflicted on Palestinians, I hope the UK will now join in that recognition and begin to undo the harm it has done.

“The refusal to recognise Palestine by a handful of powerful countries led by the US and UK has not only been shameful, it has made the situation worse.

“It has been used to undermine the Palestinian people and their efforts to achieve liberation and a lasting peace.”

The UK Government has been contacted for comment.